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Estate Logs makes property management easier by optimizing the daily work efforts. At the same time, it offers smooth procurement, providing property owners with detailed insights into the time spent on the work performed.

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Elevate Your Property Management Experience.

With digital transparency, optimized workflows for operations and maintenance work are created through our platform at a fraction of the cost you are accustomed to. Your property management will be based on years of data collection from hundreds of properties. Estate Logs products have been developed in collaboration with property managers and technicians to meet their needs.

Tailored Maintenance Powered by Data Magic.

Get the right maintenance for your property with the help of our advanced algorithms and data analysis. By examining the unique characteristics of your properties, we can analyze and compare them with similar ones, providing customized recommendations that fit your specific needs. Every day, our system improves and updates to ensure that you always have access to the most accurate and up-to-date information for your properties.

Level Up Your Procurement Process.

We provide ready-made documentation with resource estimates adapted to your exact requirements, based on data from hundreds of properties. By using the same procurement materials for all bidders, we can provide trustworthy suggestions for local maintenance providers while also ensuring fairness. This generates comparative proposals that aid in decision-making. With Estate Logs' aid, you can make well-informed decisions based on reliable data, optimize your resource allocation, and achieve considerable cost savings.

Take control & reap the rewards.

100% Web-based

Estate Logs is a
cloud-based platform that allows you to manage your properties remotely from wherever you are and whenever it is convenient for you.

Data-driven decision making

With Estate Logs' important data insights, you can make informed property management decisions. Analyse trends and patterns to improve operations and efficiency.

Easy registration

Estate Logs registration is simple and does not require a lengthy
sign-up process.

Real-time service request updates

Receive quick notifications when your service request is updated, allowing you to stay on top of the status of your property's maintenance needs.

On-demand training

Estate Logs provides
on-demand training to help you understand how to utilise the platform efficiently.

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Erik Bergstöm

CEO, Regio

With the implementation of Estate Logs, we have achieved a significantly more efficient and sustainable management. Since the beginning, we have greatly reduced operating costs and, in addition, have much better control over what contractors are doing in our properties.

Patrik larsson

Facility Technician, BPL Fastighetsservice Nord

Estate Logs helps me organize my workday. I don't need to be uncertain or wonder if I've missed anything that needs to be done during the day. Everything is readily available on my mobile device.

Johnny Larsson

Property Manager, FamLa Asset Managment

With the increased transparency provided by Estate Logs, we can make decisions based on facts rather than assumptions.

The result of our magic

Stockholm, Sweden

We were tasked with overseeing the procurement of this newly acquired property portfolio. We contacted three firms, and each provided competitive bids for property upkeep. Prior to working with Estate Logs, the cost of maintenance was 30 SEK per square metre. However, by using Estate Logs, we were able to lower the cost to 10 SEK per square metre.

Industrial portfolio •  47 380 sqm  •  10 SEK per sqm
Cut cost up to 78%
Boden, Sweden

This property is one of our most outstanding success stories. We saw an immediate and significant 78% reduction in maintenance expenditures after deploying Estate Logs' maintenance workflow, all while maintaining a high degree of maintenance quality.

Residential  •  78% cost reduction •  11 SEK per sqm
7 Days
Uppsala, Sweden

In a record-breaking 7 days, we supported a client in acquiring and smoothly integrating their property into our platform. We managed the acquisition, maintenance, and training of eight individuals while also linking the client with their preferred contractor. This demonstrates that our internal processes are just as efficient as our platform.

Shopping Centers & Office •  7 Days •  12 SEK per sqm

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About Us.

Welcome to Estate Logs! Our mission is to help the world in creating more sustainable buildings. With our comprehensive services, we raise property maintenance standards to unparalleled heights.

By leveraging the potential of machine learning, we have revolutionized the traditional property processes, digitizing them completely. Our cutting-edge technology empowers our customers with data-driven insights, streamlining decision-making for enhanced efficiency.

Founded in 2016 in the enchanting city of Boden, Estate Logs has rapidly expanded its reach. Today, we proudly serve over 25 cities across the Nordics, delivering exceptional results. Our unwavering dedication has enabled our clients to achieve an impressive 76% reduction in costs, cementing our position as a trusted industry leader.

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