Increase property value by reducing maintenance costs

Our technology driven approach to property maintenance delivers incredible results for our customers.

Increase the value of your property portfolio

EstateLogs generates real and sustainable value for property owners. We optimise property maintenance by capturing all activities in and around the property. We analyse the data to identify and reduce inefficiencies dramatically reducing cost.

Designed for you

The EstateLogs system combines data from hundreds of different sources and compiles an optimised maintenance workflow for your property. This allows you to significantly reduce maintenance costs while increasing your property's value.

We will reduce time and material waste without compromising the quality of your property's maintenance. EstateLogs ensures that your property is always maintained to the highest standards.

Get started quickly

Our team of onboarding experts ensure a smooth and efficient start. We work with your team to get them familiar with the tools and help assist you in procuring property maintenance services. Our platform can be operated independently and is not reliant on your systems - ensuring a simple and effective set-up.

We've reduced our client's costs by up to 76%.
We operate in over 16 cities across the Nordic Countries.
We have increased the value of our customer’s properties by an average of 47€ per square meter.

Unique benefits

Actionable insights

Our dashboard gives you direct overview of everything that is going on in your properties. It makes it easy to manage property data, update maintenance schedules, action service requests, and generate detailed reports.

Weekly facade inspection
1 minute ago
Replace the air filter
3 minutes ago
Monthly fire alarm test
20 minutes ago
Emergency preparedness test
2 hours ago
Fire exits are unobstructed
4 hours ago
Log the water temperature
Real time follow up on tasks, service requests and KPIs

Happy tenants

Your tenants are very important and a key part of the experience is the timely communication around faults and service requests. We have built a modern, flexible and easy to use tenant portal that makes it easy to report, follow and have a dialogue around any issue the tenant might have. It increases tenant satisfaction and allows us to capture and organise the workflow efficiently.

Issue progress
Your technician will make a site visit today
The technician has completed their evaluation and is preparing a site visit
Your issue has been assigned to a technician
Your tenants can follow service requests and communicate directly with property caretakers

Property maintenance

The property technician works in an app that is available for both Android and iPhone. All tasks, documentation such as schematics and instructions are immediately available as and when they need it. Service requests and direct communication is handled through the app.

Room 301
Room 301
Coordination between property caretakers and management is streamlined and efficient
  1. Predict future needs
    To reduce your expenses even further, you can use EstateLogs’ advanced data models to predict future service needs and prevent expensive breakdowns.

  2. Custom reports
    Property owners collect lots of different kinds of data, but it’s often stored and organized in ways that are difficult to use and interpret, if it’s organized at all. EstateLogs makes gathering and understanding data easy, enabling smarter, data-driven decision making.

  3. Generate value with your data
    Use our powerful report generator to create reports that enable smarter data-driven decision making. Choose one of our pre-made templates, or create a custom report using your own criteria.
  1. Automate documentation
    EstateLogs automatically builds a comprehensive profile of each maintenance task. You can maintain legal compliance and quickly bring new employees and contractors up to speed.
  2. Ensure accurate billing
    Not only can EstateLogs help you ensure that contractors are submitting accurate estimates, it also helps you keep track of the work as it’s being done.
  3. Data security
    Your data is stored securely online and available whenever you need it. We take industry-leading security measures to make sure that your data is kept safe.

Sustainable property maintenance

Sustainable maintenance is a core benefit of using EstateLogs. We reduce unnecessary material cost, and lower the travel and CO₂ emissions that are generated as part of your facility management.

  • Lower CO₂ emissions from your facility management operations by optimizing travel to and from your properties
  • Reduce unnecessary material cost
  • Improve work environment and reducing stress for property technicians by providing information and instructions when and where they need it

The results are documented and stored as part of your daily work creating real-time data and KPIs that are used to follow up your sustainability work and progress.